Criminal trials are a part of everyone’s everyday life, as we hear about them on TV and read about them in the news. People are keen to know what arguments were used and what defenses were brought by the lawyers to prove the accused’s innocence. But when it comes to a crisis of that magnitude in our personal lives, we need to know more than just what is shown on TV. We need to know what qualities to look for in a criminal lawyer when we need one.


A criminal defense attorney is a lawyer who specializes in defending people accused of crimes. He or she is specialized in concessions, questioning witnesses and how to advise clients on the best course of action to take. He or she should possess the following qualities to attain success in defending their clients.

Great communication skills:

The lawyer should be as good a listener as he is a speaker. He should be able to listen to the client and decide exactly what manner to deal with the case. He should also be able to communicate with the opposite party and negotiate terms and conditions of a release or out of court settlement.


All experts are expected to have complete knowledge of their field, but criminal lawyers need to be sharper and stay on top of their game as things tend to change quickly in the world of law. He should know what cases can be filed against his client and what defenses to use for each accusation.



The criminal lawyer should engage aggressively with any case. As important as it is for him to stay patient, a more rewarding quality is to deal with the case aggressively and not let anything go by unnoticed.


The criminal lawyer should be able to keep personal information about the client and his kith and kin strictly to himself. It is vital to not let the information get out or that will lead to a conflict of interest and also expose the client to external biases. The lawyer should investigate into the information on his own and verify it, without discussing it with external sources.

Personal involvement:

If the lawyer does not hold himself personally responsible for resolving the case he has undertaken, then he will not put in his best efforts to get the defendant out. He should be concerned with the client’s safety and moves quickly to get incarcerated clients out of jail. He should be able to understand the impact that the case has on the life of the client and should care about the direction in which the case is headed. He should proactively incorporate the information you provide into the defense strategy, without any delays.

Court room

A criminal defense lawyer is a crucial aspect of the defense process and should be chosen with care and research. Ensure that the lawyer is certified and has time to dedicate to your case instead of balancing way too many cases. You would want someone who gives his undivided attention to your case.

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