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7 Qualities to Look For in a Partner by the Time You’re 30

Remember the long list of attributes you had when looking for a date in your twenties? It seems that once people hit thirty, they are dating with more intent than before. Most are looking for attributes ranging from general traits such as being humorous, adventurous, smart, kind, to specifics such as demonstrating a love for baseball. When looking for a partner at this age, chances are that you will be looking for someone with whom you can build a future…

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5 Concerns from Kids of Divorce and What You Can Do to Help

Kids that have experienced their parents getting a divorce grow up to be resilient and learn to see life’s challenges from a different perspective. At first, they may experience social anxiety and worry about dropping grades, not receiving moral support from both parents, and loss of companionship from mom or dad.  Different kids handle divorce differently and knowing your kids well should be the first step before you book them in for counseling. During this period, it’s important that you know what’s…

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8 Ways Children of Divorce Grow to Love Differently

By growing up in the middle of family feuds, one becomes fully aware of the challenges life can bring. After a divorce, people start to grow distant from each other, which at times can be inevitable if you are seeking to move on in life. The decision to divorce can cause huge imprints on the children’s lives. After children of divorce grow up, they can find it hard to love again since they will have experienced the frustrations which come…

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Selling a Home During Divorce: What to Consider

Selling your home as part of the divorce process can cause serious financial consequences since everything is done hurriedly and lots of emotions are involved. As such, serious considerations should be made by the divorcing couple to ensure that their marital differences do not end up in financial strain. Undoubtedly, one of the questions which will linger in your mind during such a situation is, do I have to sell my house in a divorce? Also, you need to know…

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4 Ways to Overcome Passive-Aggressive Co-Parenting

The divorce process can be very challenging when you have to co-parent with a passive-aggressive parent. Some parents have a hard time accepting that their ex is in charge of the children part-time. Everyone knows that successful co-parenting means focusing on the kids at all times and in all situations. However, some exes just lack consideration and want to gain favor with the kids, and some are just lazy when it comes to disciplining the kids and setting boundaries. In…

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