Even before you stand before a judge in divorce court, you’ve already been through experiences that can be unnerving as you look to protect your assets and other rights. But, going to court without a lawyer is a pitfall that can derail your best-laid plans and end up costing you more than you’re willing to give up.

One of the many reasons to hire a divorce attorney in SLC is to prepare you for a successful court proceeding – making a strong impression on the judge and being prepared to answer all questions in a manner that will benefit your financial case and protect your relationship with your children. Avoid these common mistakes that can happen when going to divorce court without a lawyer, so you can win your case and protect your interests:

3 Common Divorce Mistakes to Avoid

 1. Not Having Paperwork Prepared

There are many questions the judge will ask. It will be to your benefit to have appropriate answers and supporting documentation at hand to avoid wasting the judge’s time and looking unprofessional. A divorce lawyer can help make sure your divorce documentation is organized and complete. This may include income tax returns, marital debt paperwork, and the value of any properties and financial accounts.

Documents don’t lie – so having well-prepared documents will reduce courtroom confusion and debates.

 2. Going to Divorce Court Without a Lawyer

According to statistics, persons that have a divorce lawyer present will fair better than those without representations:

“If you don’t have any legal background, training or experience, the legal system can be overwhelming. At times you can find yourself in a confused state of mind not knowing what to do and how to proceed with your divorce case. The average person will have a harder time understanding the legal system unless there is someone to guide them.”

You can avoid this No. 1 mistake by hiring an experienced Salt Lake City, Utah divorce attorney that knows how judges think and make decisions, how the court proceedings will go and can guide you on personal mannerisms and court etiquette that will shine the best light on you and your case.

3. The Wrong Courtroom Attitude

By the time you reach divorce court proceedings, it is possible you may be filled with emotions and uncertainty. A lawyer understands the nervousness of clients and can provide coaching to reduce the chances you will make a bad impression that may influence the judge’s decision. Here are a few personality attitudes to avoid in the courtroom:

  • Giving the courtroom clerk attitude
  • Interrupting the judge
  • Cell phone not turned off
  • Making unreasonable demands
  • Dressing inappropriately

What Happens If I Go to Court Without a Lawyer?

It’s not a good idea to go to court without a divorce lawyer. Your assets, your children, and your future earnings are all at stake – this is not the time to fend for yourself with the legal system. There are many difficult tasks which must be handled in court and outside of court which are best conducted without an emotional attachment and with a clear understanding of your legal rights.

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