Friendship is a vital part of life for most of us, especially after a divorce. Investing in friendships and knowing who to turn to while going through this difficult process can ease emotional burden. Life with good friends is just easier.

Below is a description of the kind of friends we want, those we need, and those we should probably avoid.

The Luxury Friends

“Old Times” Friend

Remember your single days? This is the friend from your youthful days who told a long, heartfelt story about you at your wedding reception. You are never too old for this relationship which can plug you back into your chipper, youthful mindset.

The Go-For-It Friend

You may have spent weeks indoors reading, watching Netflix and Hulu, or hugging the dog. This is a goal-oriented friend who just wants to see you enjoy life again. Whether it’s the gym, going on a weekend hike, a skiing excursion, or just hopping in the car for a trip to Vegas, they can help you forget your troubles.

The Friend Who May Become More

That’s right! You are single again. Why not spend some friendly time with someone you are attracted to? But, this friend comes with one must-have quality: they are perfectly content with staying in the friend zone for as long as you need.

The Necessity Friends

The Divorced Friend

Your other friends can only imagine themselves in your shoes. This friend has been divorced and handled it as well as they possibly could. They have grown emotionally and now have priceless insights into what you are going through. Your divorced friend is prepared for heavy emotional and circumstantial lifting.

The Dog Friend

Having a best friend who is always excited to see you and always wants to be at your side is precious and life-giving. A new study of 3.4 million people recently found those who own dogs live longer. Keep your human friends close and your furry friends closer.

The Real Friend

They have seen you at your best and worst. They know the real you, flaws and all. They have chosen to stay close to you anyway. You are friends for life.

The Stay Away Friends

The Unwanted Advice Friend

This person may be trying to help but… They repeatedly tell you to get back together with your spouse — to do it for your kids. You’ve already covered this emotional ground and come to a very difficult decision. This person may not respect that. Staying away is probably best.

The Cupid Friend

“He’s perfect for you. Just give him a chance!” This person wants to see you happy but has tunnel vision. For them, the answer is always the dating game. You are still working out what went wrong in your marriage. Let this well-meaning friend shoot romance arrows at someone else.

The Frozen Friend

This person is like a song with one note or someone waking from a decades-long coma. They live in the past and won’t stop saying things like “I admire your strength,” or “It must be so hard.” This busybody will hover over you forever. Try not to get locked in their tepid embrace.

Moving On

The right friends will help you build the emotional bridge to your new life and next marriage. Life is hopeful with them at your side.

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