Did you know that your identity is your individuality? There can only be one you on this earth even if you were born identical twins. Your identity represents the true you; you were born with your own set of unique characteristics, you have your name and individual wishes that nobody else can understand better.

However, a lot of things tend to change when you start dating and when you finally get into marriage. Quite often, couples go through a series of steps and tend to lose their identity as they adapt to their new roles in marriage. If both of you aren’t careful, the naturally occurring processes can result in an irreparable gap between the two of you which may end up in divorce. The process of losing your identity in marriage occurs in three crucial steps as outlined below:

  • Stage 1: You Start Disconnecting from Your Single Friends
  • Stage 2: You Start Losing Time for Each Other
  • Stage 3: Complete Loss of Connection

How to Find Yourself Again After Divorce

Rediscovering yourself after a divorce isn’t an easy task. You’ll need a lot of dedication and patience to rediscover your lost identity after many years of putting other people’s needs before your own. Below are some tips that you can follow to help you rediscover your lost inner self after a divorce:

1. Set New Goals for Yourself

This is a great time to start focusing on new things and goals in life. Start thinking about what you wish to achieve in life as an individual and come up with plans on how you are going to achieve the goals. Keep in mind that setting new goals for yourself will make you busy and help you forget about your past relationships. Rediscover your ambitions and work hard towards achieving them. The more you are occupied and busy in life the faster you’ll rediscover your lost inner self and reconnect with it.

2. Explore New Activities

During and after a divorce it is common for most people to have that feeling of grieving similar to the feeling you get when you lose someone that you value in our life. However, exploring new activities will not only help you to be the best parent to your kids, but it will also reward you with the happiness that you deserve.

You can learn something new for pleasure or as a way of earning some extra money to support you. You can venture into a new business or decide to advance your career. Some of the fun learning activities that you may try out include skiing, photography, and learning a new language.

3. Start Living According to Your Principles and Values

Our value and principles define who we are since they motivate us and determine how we feel and evaluate those around us. Discovering what you stand for and aligning yourself with it is an incredible way of rediscovering yourself after a divorce. To feel happy and satisfied, you must align yourself with your life values.

The best way to start rediscovering yourself is by asking yourself;” what is so important to me in life” or “what matters most to me?” Come up with a list of what you value and what you stand for in life and start living by these values. You will always feel frustrated and unfulfilled after a divorce unless you reevaluate yourself and determine your principles in life.

4. Start Engaging with Your Friends More

Your friends and family will become an integral part of yourself after a divorce. They will help you rediscover yourself and make right decisions. Start hanging out with your trusted friends and family members more and let them know how you feel. Don’t be afraid to discuss with them about your current situation but always listen to your intuition. Friends will lighten-up your days and make you happy once again.

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