Divorce is a fact of many people’s lives. Last year, according the CDC, an estimated 813,862 people were granted a divorce. The question is, can you get the right divorce attorney on a tight budget? Nationally, the average divorce costs a person thousands of dollars.

At Wall & Wall, we understand that not everyone can afford a traditional divorce, especially if there are complex child custody or asset/debt issues. Our Utah law firm believes that it is extremely important to have a divorce attorney on your side, as you divorce will affect you and you children’s lives for years to come. Help is here at Wall and Wall Attorneys at Law.

What is a Do-It-Yourself Divorce Attorney Assistance Program?

We understand that paying a retainer fee up front might not be feasible for everyone’s financial situation. We are happy to offer a DIY divorce assistance program to help keep costs down as minimal as we can for you. Rest assured, you’ll still get all the professional guidance you need to make educated decisions regarding your divorce, it does however require you to file the appropriate paperwork, respond to pleadings, and represent yourself in court. It’s essential to have the right divorce attorney handling your case during this difficult time. There is so much to sort out, especially if there are children involved. You have to decide on a solid custody agreement, alimony and child support payments, just to name a few items on the to-do list.

By careful research we have come up with a valuable way to handle your entire divorce so that you aren’t left in the red. Wall and Wall’s DIY program is a great method for changing how your divorce is handled. Our team of attorneys will provide you with all the tips and procedural things you need to work on during much of the legwork of the process yourself. You make many of the guided decisions yourself. Having your best interest at heart will allow us to guide you through the proceedings without charging you typical attorney. Our helpful consultation is going to be offered at a reasonable hourly rate, not hundreds of dollars in lost money and time. Explaining everything to you in a way you’ll be able to understand it is truly our specialty.


Let Wall & Wall Attorneys at Law Help Make a Positive Difference in Your Utah Divorce

As family owned firm since 1973, our history allows us to serve you in the best way possible with an experience that is second to none. Contact our law firm today to discuss your specific divorce case. We are happy to offer you a free thirty-minute consultation prior to booking a Do-It-Yourself divorce help appointment. That way you’ll be able to best tell if we are the ones that best suit your needs. Treating you with the utmost respect, looking into all your options, and representing you best in court is our promise to you.

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