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  1. How Common is Alimony in a Divorce Settlement?

    Divorce can be a painful experience that rocks the foundations of your life. It’s difficult to attempt to carry on living your life in downtown…

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  2. Charges and Sentences Edward Snowden Might Face If Caught

    The media has been abuzz lately with the news of Edward Snowden, a former NSA technical contractor who leaked classified United States’ information to the…

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  3. How Does Marital Misconduct Affect Alimony

    When you commit yourself to a marital union, you also agree to enter into a legal relationship. Marriage binds you with rights and obligations. One…

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  4. Inherent Problems with the Stand Your Ground Law

    You must defend what is lawfully yours. But the question is – to what extent? Does the ‘Stand Your Ground’ law give us freedom to…

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  5. Why You Should Hire an Attorney for Your Child Custody Hearing

    Families often undergo painful experiences especially when both parents decide to file for divorce. This decision has legal ramifications, which include child custody among other…

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