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  1. How a Divorce Attorney Can Help with Visitation

    For many families, divorce is an emotionally devastating event that could sever the bond between husband and wife. In fact, it could sometimes dissolve the…

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  2. Things to Consider When Filing for Divorce

    Going through the process of a divorce can be complicated and stressful. Since you are coming to divorce because of problems in your marriage, there…

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  3. What Qualities Should A Divorce Attorney Possess?

    Did you know that nearly 30% of married women under age 20 get divorced per year? Were you aware that there is one divorce every…

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  4. How Common is Alimony in a Divorce Settlement?

    Divorce can be a painful experience that rocks the foundations of your life. It’s difficult to attempt to carry on living your life in downtown…

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  5. Charges and Sentences Edward Snowden Might Face If Caught

    The media has been abuzz lately with the news of Edward Snowden, a former NSA technical contractor who leaked classified United States’ information to the…

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