How do I know if divorce is the right decision? Making the agonizing decision to divorce or not involves a variety of factors, but none weigh heavier than the potential effects of divorce on kids. If you’re worried about going through a divorce with kids, it may put your mind at ease to know that divorce may be the best possible decision you can make.

Research has found that conflict in your marriage may affect your child more negatively than divorcing. The way you and your spouse address and resolve conflicts — regardless of whether you stay married — may significantly impact your child’s well-being.

How to Decide if Divorce Is Right for You

Should we stay together for the kids? If you’re asking yourself this question, you may find it difficult to find a clear-cut answer. Every family is different, and making the decision to get divorced is never easy.

In many cases, staying in an unhappy marriage may not benefit your children, and a negative or conflict-filled situation may even cause harm. Spending time in two happy homes — with parents living apart — may be a better situation for your children than remaining in one home with parents who do not want to be together.

Is divorce the right decision? If you’re experiencing one or more of the following scenarios, divorcing from your spouse may be the best choice for both you and your children. In addition, a SLC divorce lawyer can assist you in deciding if divorce is right for you.

Your Spouse Is Angry or Abusive

If you and your children are in an emotionally or physically abusive situation, leaving is always the right decision. The types and degrees of abusive behavior can vary widely, from out-of-control spending to addictions, arguments and verbal abuse.

Parenting experts agree that abusive situations result in negative environments for children. While therapy can help correct some abusive behavior, changes typically do not occur quickly. With your children’s best interests at heart, you must make the decision on when divorce is right for your family.

The Marriage Is Beyond Repair

Can you and your spouse work together? If you and your spouse are unable to put aside differences and cooperate for the sake of your children, divorce may be the best option.

In addition, consider whether you believe your marriage can be repaired with time and effort. If you’ve worked with a family therapist, clergy or other trusted counselor and still cannot resolve differences, your marriage may be beyond saving.

Can divorce be good for a child? If the divorce serves as an alternative to remaining in an unhappy home with parents who cannot get along, divorce may provide the best environment for your child.

The Relationship Provides a Poor Example

As parents, we want our children to learn what positive, healthy relationships look like — and emulate those patterns as they grow up and begin their own relationships. If your marriage does not provide a positive example for your child, consider whether staying together is the best decision.

If you and your spouse do not show love and affection for each other, you may find that your child models that aloof behavior. Spending time with you and your spouse in separate, happy households may provide a better environment for your child.

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The topic of kids and divorce is challenging, and you may be unsure of the best action to take for your children’s sake.

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