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Standing on the other side of divorce brings a wisdom that you did not possess prior to the process. Your children are also feeling a great sense of newness, and they have learned a lot about life too. It is not an easy new feeling and there is a sense of innocence lost. Even divorced parents with the most amicable of relationships must proceed with caution when introducing a new relationship to their child. The professional and caring staff at Wall Legal Solutions is sensitive to the special needs of your family at this most critical time and can offer guidance and support to ensure you are treading the waters in a sound, and legal fashion.

Five Things to Bear in Mind When You Introduce A New Relationship

  • Introduce the Relationship Prior to Introducing the Person – Start discussing the possibility of Mommy or Daddy being involved in a new relationship before you begin the relationship, if possible. You should regard your child’s feelings that highly. We see the effects from the trauma of divorce all of the time. There is no way for you to understand exactly how your child feels unless you have been a child of divorce yourself. If you have been a child of divorce and can relate to how your child feels, everyone is different and will be effected by the divorce in a different way.
  • Listen to Your Child – Take the time to listen to what your child has to say and resolve their negative feelings if they express any.
  • Let Your Child Be Your Guide – Close listening and response to your child’s feelings are key and making this a healthy time for your child. Let them know that they are your number one priority and don’t spring any surprises on them.
  • Research – It will not hurt to speak with other parents about what they did in a similar situation. There are also many quality books you can read to assist you with the introduction. Your attorney or support staffer may also be an experienced resource you can gather information from.
  • Regard It From Your Childs Perspective – You know your child well. Take the time to consider how they may be feeling. Put yourself in their shoes.

Things to Avoid When You Are Introducing A New Relationship To Your Child

  • Don’t force your children to act a certain way toward the new person in your life.
  • Avoid any surprises. Let your ex-wife or ex-husband in on the idea so that everyone is on the same page. Making this situation as healthy as possible is critical for your child’s overall well-being.
  • Don’t move too fast. Moving in with someone new too soon can be very painful for your child. Your child is recovering from the loss of their idea of their intact family.

You Can Rely on Wall Legal Solutions

The attorneys and staffers at Wall Legal Solutions are there to provide counsel throughout the process. When you are considering divorce, during the proceedings and after the divorce there are a multitude of legal issues and questions that will arise. We want to provide the sound counsel that is necessary to equip your family with the tools to flourish. Call 801-441-2388 for an appointment, or contact us here to schedule a free consultation.

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