While uncontested divorces aren’t always possible, ending a marriage amicably prevents untold emotional and financial fallout. At Wall & Wall Legal Solutions, we help you achieve the amicable divorce your family needs and deserves.

We’ll supply you with questionnaires and forms to fill out in advance of meeting with us, to help keep your legal fees even lower. We’ll also walk you through every step of the process, from decisions about who should file to any necessary post-divorce mediation.

What Is An Amicable Divorce?

Divorcing-Couple-On-CouchDespite the “friendly” associations with the word “amicable,” in legal terms an amicable divorce has a specific meaning. In general, the term specifies that neither party is contesting any of the major issues that crop up when marriages end. These include crucial child-related issues such as custody, visitation and child-support. People who amicably divorce also agree on property division and spousal support.

An amicable divorce relies on both parties accepting that the marriage is ending. That’s why another legal term, “uncontested divorce,” with “amicable divorce.” When couples decide to leave all matters of the divorce uncontested, it means that everything from filing the paperwork to finalizing the divorce is done at minimal expense — and more importantly, with the least possible emotional strain on the family.

Benefits of An Amicable Divorce

Deciding to go the uncontested route when legally ending your marriage has a number of benefits, not all of which are apparent until the final paper has been signed. Among the reasons couples choose to end their marriage amicably are:

  • Rapid resolutions: An amicable divorce, not matter which path you take, is almost always resolved more quickly than a contested one.
  • Less expensive process: Even if both parties feel the need to have separate attorneys rather than a mediation representative, an amicable divorce means that there are few, if any, negotiations for the lawyers to hash out. Attorney fees for basics like completing and filing paperwork in court is much less costly than taking affidavits and other tasks.
  • Emotional well-being: Obviously, the more a divorcing couple can agree about, the less emotional baggage each spouse will have to cope with going forward. When children are involved, it’s in their best interest to not only come to a custody agreement that puts the children first, but for them to know that they can count on both of you to co-parent on friendly and fair terms.
  • No stressful court appearances: In amicable divorces, it’s rare that the involved parties themselves have to appear in court. This prevents the couple from having to relive their turmoil in a public setting, and also lessens the chance of further conflict with the other party.
  • More restricted information: With couples not having to make the kind of accusations against one another — either in court testimony or through filed statements — that are common in contested divorces, privacy is better safeguarded. Many more details that emerge from drawn-out, contested divorces are often on the public record.

Wall & Wall: Your Legal Solution

Once you’ve made the difficult decision to end your marriage, we’ll help you make the amicable divorce process you’re seeking as painless and efficient as possible. Serving the Salt Lake City area since 1973, our current firm has a combined 190 years of experience in the legal profession.

We offer a free consultation, a convenient location just off I-215, and Spanish bilingual services. Most importantly, our depth of experience with Utah divorce law and family law helps ensure you a surprise-free, amicable divorce experience.

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