The divorce process is difficult, but for many people, trying to feel normal again after a divorce is even harder. In fact, studies have found that it takes most people about two years to recover from a divorce – and if you don’t let yourself move on, it can take even longer. To help you make it through this difficult time, here are 3 tips on how to recover emotionally after a divorce:

1. Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help

After you go through a divorce, your friends and family will likely ask you how you’re doing. Most people will answer, “I’m okay” even if they’re not because they don’t want to burden their loved ones with their problems. But think about this: if someone close to you was struggling to recover after a divorce, wouldn’t you be there for them?

Most people don’t like to ask for help, but it’s more than likely that their loved ones are willing to give it. Those close to you would rather that you not suffer alone if talking to them could help you.

If you fall into a deep depression after a divorce, you should seek help from a therapist. Depression is not something that you can just will yourself through, and you are by no means a weak person if you need to see a therapist post-divorce. Avoiding necessary help will only prolong your suffering.

2. Find Yourself

When you’re married, a large portion of your identity is defined by your marriage. It can be tough to discover who you are and what your priorities are when you become single again. You need to take some time post-divorce to define yourself. Find your passion, take a trip to a place your spouse never wanted to go, define your personal priorities, or do whatever else you need to figure out what your new normal is.

3. Forgive

If you’re holding onto anger regarding the divorce, it can significantly hamper your attempts to move on. Forgiveness is never easy, especially when your ex never apologizes, but continuing to be angry and lay blame isn’t healthy. Of course, before you can let go of your anger towards your ex-spouse, you first need to forgive yourself. This can be much harder but is extremely necessary to the healing process. Anger towards yourself will be obvious if you think that the divorce was partially or entirely your fault, but it still may persist even if you think your ex-spouse was to blame. In either case, there’s no sense in continuing to punish yourself. Once you forgive yourself and forgive your ex, you’ll feel a lot freer.

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