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Lawyer in front of a Legal Library - Murray, Utah Divorce and Family Law AttorneyEven though most people hope their marriages will last forever, that is not always the case. Marriages in Utah have a 15.97% chance of failing. In case of that unfortunate event, it is always advisable to have good legal representation. We are divorce and family law attorneys with a reputation of treating clients with compassion and respect. Wall & Wall Attorneys at Law P.C has been in business since 1973. In that period, we have successfully helped our clients explore all their options and finally resolve their issues in the most comfortable and friendly environment. Read on to learn the services that set us apart.

We Offer Our Knowledge and Expertise with the Following Divorce and Family Law Issues:

Why Choose Murray, Utah Divorce Attorneys at Wall & Wall Attorneys at Law

Military Discounts

We respect and value our clients in the service. To show our appreciation to them, we offer military discounts.

DIY Programs

For our clients that aren’t financially able to get a divorce attorney, we offer guidance and professional advice in just one appointment which is more affordable. In the appointment, they learn how best to go about the case and some background information that will help yield the desired results and reduce the pressure on them. Our DIY services include but are not limited to; document preparation, establishing the crucial matters in a case, helping clients with information on pertinent laws, organizing evidence, teaching clients how to use evidence to their advantage, reviewing pleadings, going through scenarios which may arise during the divorce proceedings and advising clients on how to deal with them, teaching clients to propose and analyze settlement offers, preparing clients for mediation and coming up with a case strategy for our clients.

Customer-Relations and Communication

We realize that proper communication is the foundation for a good working relationship with our clients. Our lawyers are able to communicate clearly with our customers to establish their concerns and how best to solve them. Our services are in English and Spanish. For clients who speak other languages, we offer interpreter services. They just need to give us notice in advance. We also use our communication skills to communicate with the spouses of our clients in attempt to come up with settlements that our clients are comfortable with. Even in the event of major crisis, our lawyers are able to negotiate calmly and effectively.


Experience often comes with more knowledge and development of new skills. Our attorneys have over 190 years of combined experience in divorce and family law related issues. All of our attorneys are not only experienced but also qualified for their jobs. Because of their long time in the profession, they have developed great skills in case-building and negotiation. This makes them able to deal with complex and high conflict issues effectively. Even when one option fails, they always have alternative plans.


Our charges are professional and affordable. We are divorce attorneys in Murray, Utah that believe our clients should not have to stretch their budgets too far just to get good legal representation in Utah.


We understand that you need a Murray, Utah divorce and family law attorney that you can easily reach when you need to. Even though we handle many cases, we always make sure that we respond to all our clients’ needs as fast as possible.


Our attorneys maintain high levels of professionalism even in times of high pressure. We realize that divorce can be a painful and emotional process for clients. We, therefore, try to be kind and respectful. This includes keeping time, explaining issues clearly and using polite language.


We try to look at cases objectively. We weigh the strengths and weaknesses of a case before advising our clients. We are able to advise clients on the best course of action while still considering their interests. We do not lie to clients just to lure them or give false hope. We are upfront about the situation at hand and help clients understand what to prepare for.

Free Consultation with Murray, Utah Divorce and Family Law Attorneys at Wall & Wall Attorneys at Law

If you are looking for a divorce attorney in Murray, Utah, visit our offices any day from Monday to Friday on working hours for a free 30-minute consultation to review your case. Contact Wall & Wall Attorneys a Law by giving us a call at 801-441-2388.

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